Dennis K. Chan

Game Details
NomBeyond the Sun (2020)
ComplexitéMedium [3.12]
Mechanisme(s)Area Majority / Influence, Contracts, Events, Income, Point to Point Movement, Tech Trees / Tech Tracks and Worker Placement


Vladimir Suchy

Game Details
NomPraga Caput Regni (2020)
ComplexitéMedium Heavy [3.74]
Mechanisme(s)Area Majority / Influence, Enclosure, End Game Bonuses, Hexagon Grid, Income, Three Dimensional Movement, Tile Placement, Track Movement and Variable Set-up


Stefan Feld

Game Details
NomBonfire (2020)
ComplexitéMedium Heavy [3.63]
Mechanisme(s)Market, Pattern Building, Point to Point Movement, Set Collection, Solo / Solitaire Game and Tile Placement


Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Stefano Luperto, Antonio Tinto


Shem Phillips, S J Macdonald

Game Details
NomViscounts of the West Kingdom (2020)
ComplexitéMedium [3.45]
Mechanisme(s)Area Majority / Influence, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, End Game Bonuses, Hand Management, King of the Hill, Modular Board, Rondel, Set Collection, Solo / Solitaire Game and Variable Player Powers


Daniele Tascini, Dávid Turczi

Game Details
NomTekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun (2020)
ComplexitéMedium Heavy [4.06]
Mechanisme(s)Action Drafting, Income, Open Drafting, Pattern Building, Turn Order: Stat-Based and Variable Set-up


Fabio Lopiano

Game Details
NomMerv: The Heart of the Silk Road (2020)
ComplexitéMedium [3.42]
Mechanisme(s)Contracts, Modular Board, Ownership, Rondel, Set Collection, Solo / Solitaire Game, Square Grid, Track Movement and Variable Set-up


Dávid Turczi

Game Details
NomTawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire (2020)
ComplexitéMedium Heavy [4.11]
Mechanisme(s)Action Points, Area Majority / Influence, Hand Management, Open Drafting, Pattern Building, Rondel, Set Collection, Solo / Solitaire Game, Variable Set-up and Worker Placement, Different Worker Types

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